Why you should avoid DIY teeth whitening

Some of our most loved foods and drinks, including coffee and red wine, unfortunately, leave our teeth discoloured and in serious need of a teeth whitening treatment. It can be tempting to whip up an at-home concoction or purchase cheap over-the-counter options. However, when it comes to your teeth, you might want to consider leaving it to the professionals!

Alternatives to teeth whitening

It’s important to understand that these DIY efforts simply cannot replace a teeth whitening session with Dr Mark Dennes. The safest, most effective method will always be at the hands of a professional. While pharmacy products may claim to be safe for use, they simply cannot work as effectively as professional laser treatment. This can often mean patients will repeat the treatment more than recommended which increases the chances of damage to teeth and gums from these harsh products. Unfortunately, this damage can cause teeth to discolour more easily as well as be more prone to decay and further damage. You may not even notice the damage to your enamel until you have a serious problem. Damage to enamel can be severe and irreversible.

Further damage can occur from ill-fitting teeth whitening trays. Many dentists offer take-home options using trays that are custom-fit for use. The cheaper alternatives can cause damage to your gums and soft mouth tissue as the whitening solution is more likely to spill over the tray and come into contact with your mouth and gums. Laser teeth whitening, offered at Dr Mark Dennes eliminates the need for trays completely.

Smartbleach laser whitening

Dr Mark Dennes utilises state-of-the-art laser technology for our teeth whitening treatments. Smartbleach Laser Teeth Whitening provides exceptional results without damage to enamel and can last up to 5 years – far longer than other treatments available. The Smartbleach laser interacts with a whitening gel we place onto your teeth which produces the whitening effect. The treatment will take approximately an hour to complete from the comfort of our Sydney practice, ideal for busy patients.

If you would like to find out more about Smartbleach laser technology, visit our treatment page here.

Teeth whitening at Dr Mark Dennes

If you have been considering teeth whitening treatments but aren’t sure where to start, consider making a consultation with Dr Mark Dennes. The initial consultation is only $80, or FREE when you proceed with a Smartbleach treatment after the consult. During the consultation is the ideal time to discuss any concerns, questions and expectations with Dr Mark Dennes as he will be able to discuss your individual treatment plan. Contact us today!

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