Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Dr Mark Dennes located in the Sydney CBD utilises advanced technology, skill and precision to provide an effective solution for an infected tooth.

Root canal therapy treats the injured nerve inside a tooth and has a reputation for being one of the most painful dental procedures. For those in need of root canal therapy, it is likely you will already be in significant pain and immediately require dental treatment.

What is the Root Canal?

The Root Canal is a natural cavity within the centre of a tooth, housing the ‘pulp’, which consists of nerve, blood vessels and connective tissue. The chamber extends down through the roots of the teeth and into surrounding bone.

Root Canal Tooth

When is treatment needed?

When the nerve inside a tooth has been damaged often root canal treatment is the only option, and is preferable to total tooth extraction. Root canal treatment removes the nerve (the source of pain) from the tooth. The nerve provides sensation, for example distinguishing hot and cold, and once teeth are formed it is not critical to retain the nerve for a tooth to remain functional in a healthy mouth.

The most common symptom of a root canal issue is intense pain, if the nerve inside the tooth is still alive it will be extremely sensitive to hot and cold, often leading to headaches. If the nerve is dead, pressure on the tooth will be painful, the tooth could be getting darker and there may be swelling and bleeding around the area. If there is noticeable swelling in the cheek, jaw or throat urgent treatment is needed. A tooth in need of root canal treatment is open to bacteria and prone to infection, which can spread to bone around the affected tooth and cause serious complications.

Previously, when there was an issue with the nerve inside a tooth, extraction was the only treatment. Root canal therapy allows the tooth to be repaired and saved.

What causes Root Canal damage?

Some of the common causes of root canal issues include:

  • Deep cavities – when decay reaches deep into the pulp it opens the nerve to infection from bacteria.
  • Trauma – if a tooth is hit with great force the nerve can be severed at the end of the root and die. This may be felt immediately, but can take years to develop.
  • Fracture – if a tooth is fractured and it extends deeply enough to reach the pulp.
  • Repeated dental procedures – dental work can place significant stress on teeth, which may lead to inflammation.

If you are currently experiencing dental pain and think you may need Root Canal treatment in the Sydney CBD, book a consultation with Dr Mark Dennes and the team right away.


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