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Until now, dentists had only two options for treating decay: fluoride and other remineralisation therapies if caries were not too advanced; or the ‘wait and see’ until it was time to ‘drill and fill’ approach.

Caries infiltration with Icon is a major breakthrough in micro-invasive technology that fills, reinforces, and stabilises demineralised enamel without drilling or sacrificing healthy tooth structure.

Minimally-invasive dental technology

Icon represents a new category of dental products. It is the first product to bridge the gap between prevention (fluoride therapy) and traditional ‘drill and fill’. Icon’s micro- invasive infiltration technology can be used to treat smooth surfaces and proximal carious lesions up to the first third of dentin. In just one patient visit, Icon can stop the progression of early tooth decay.

No need to use the dental drill

If your dentist discovers early decay that is beyond preventive therapies (though too early for restorative treatment), our ‘Icon’ treatment offers a simple alternative to the ‘wait and see’ approach. With Icon, you can have immediate treatment without unnecessary loss of healthy tooth structure. Icon prevents decay progression and dramatically decreases the likelihood that the tooth would need to be drilled and filled down the track. This is an exciting new treatment which we are very pleased to be able to offer.

The treatment process

  1. A gel is applied to the tooth that removes the slight surface layer of the treatment area.
  2. The area is then dried with air and an Icon solution.
  3. A thin resin material is applied to the treatment area that penetrates deep into the enamel, filling the pores of the tooth.
  4. The area is cured using a special light, stabilising the treatment area and preventing decay.

The treatment requires no drilling or needles, it preserves the natural structure of the tooth and uses quick and gentle methods to resolve decay.

Virtually pain free dentist Sydney

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this specific treatment and the technology.  Dr Mark Dennes, located on Macquarie Street near Martin Place Station in the Sydney CBD, provides dental services for patients from all walks in life.

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